Runningstories #7

Runningstories #7

HMP Grampian Prison, 18 October 2023

A marathon in 2024?

In this conversation with Richard Skinner (HMP Media Unit), we talk about the Festival of the 27th September at HMP Grampian and discuss what happened in the last months of the running club and what are the plans for the future. A marathon in 2024?


Conversation: Paolo Maccagno with Richard Skinner (Media Unit HMP YOI Grampian)
Broadcast on Conair 21 – prison radio



0:00 Runningstories show trailer

 1:40 welcome to everyone from Richard Skinner (HMP Grampian) and Paolo Maccagno (Runforever)

2:30 news from the Running club at HMP Grampian. Santa 10k run! Individual run or team run.

5:30 improvements from February 2023

6:20 the Festival on the 27th of September 2023.

8:20 how the perception of the weather changes if you run

9:30 about discipline and effort in running.

11:30 warming up easier now after many months of the running club.

12:30 about the photovoice experience with Stephanie Morrison.

14:30 Photovoice and Runningstories and ways of valuing from the inside

15:30 more in depth about the photovoice

17:45 Stephanie Morrison continues with us with the photovoice

18:10 what is the long term plan? Perhaps a marathon!

19:15 running not just an individual sport. Kipchoge saying marathon running is a team sport.

20:15 friendships growing between runners of the running club

21:15 Thanks to HMP Grampian to welcome Runforever.

22:00 Paolo Maccagno shortlisted as Jog Leader of the year for the Jogscotland Awards 2023 thanks to work done at HMP Grampian.