Runningstories #6

Runningstories #6

Shmu, 10 August 2023

Long distance running suggests new paths for rehabilitation

With David Scott, ultra marathoner and founder of Fit like Joggers, we talk about long distance running. How this allows learning to take the race as a journey, pacing yourself, slowing down, becoming friends with others while moving side by side. Would this be a good path for rehabilitation?


Conversation: Paolo Maccagno with David Scott – Fit like Joggers
Music: Billy Joel – We didn’t start the fire, Elisa – L’anima vola, Enrico Ruggeri – Peter pan, Cranberries – Ode to my family

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0:00 Runningstories show trailer

1:45 song We didn’t start the fire, Billy Joel

 5:55 introduction and welcome to David Scott of the Fit like Joggers

7:00 why did you choose this Billy Joel’s song? A history song

9:45 what is your story David?

11:40 the beat of the song and long distance running

13:00 David telling his running story. My younger brother wanted to run a marathon and this was an inspiration.

15:00 being patient when starting running

17:10 running fitness is like a wave which demands listening and patience.

18:40 about Fit like Joggers

20:00 let’s take a breath and introduce Elisa with L’anima vola

21:00 song L’anima vola, Elisa

25:00 why L’anima vola? Running in prison in Milan and participating to the Milano Marathon with a team of fathers from inside and outside. This song was played inside the walls of the prison while we were running the first 10k.

28:30 building a bridge between inside and outside. Participating in rethinking rehabilitation and education in prison.

29:30 marathon running proposes a different mindset for overcoming assumptions underpinning our western culture, especially the competitiveness

31:30 running as a good addiction. In the second trainspotting movie they suggest running to be a positive form of addiction

32:40 the running club as a community of support

33:45 about Fit like Joggers. Doing things together

36:00 the very step is the most important

37:30 where you can find about Fit like Joggers

38:15 the fun run on Saturday 19th August and the running club at Shmu.

40:30 the next song

40:50 song Peter pan, Enrico Ruggeri

45:30 back about long distance running.

47:20 David you said “you would better run a 50k or 50 miles rather than a 5k”, what do you mean with this? About taking the race as a journey, pacing yourself, slowing down to be able to talk with others.

49:20 which is the relationship you establish with other people while running long distances?

49:55 running is moving side by side and it’s easier to open up. You develop friendships with people you didn’t know before.

51:40 the simple and important thing of being side by side rather than facing each other.

52:15 thanking to David

53:00 song Ode to my family, Cranberries