Runningstories #4

Runningstories #4

HMP Grampian Prison, 12 July 2023

Being a Finisher

In this conversation with Richard Skinner, prison officer at the Media Unit of HMP YOI Grampian prison, we talk about the Finisher celebration event in the prison (7th June 2023) and continue our conversation about dreams. How can you measure a dream?


Conversation: Paolo Maccagno with Richard Skinner (Media Unit HMP YOI Grampian)
Music: Cranberries – Ode to my family, E.L.O. – All over the world

Broadcast on Conair 21 – prison radio




0:00 Runningstories show trailer

 1:45 welcome to Richard Skinner, prison officer at HMP Grampian

2:35 about the running event in the prison on the 7th of June. The impression of runners being a group, a team

4:25 running as a solitary activity

5:30 the “dressing room” before going for a run. Watching youtube videos together to get inspiration. Kipchoge and its sub two hours record. He said that the record was the work of a team.

7:40 many sports are now individual activities.

9:10 introduction to the song from Cranberries

9:45 song: Ode to my family, Cranberries

15:20 “When I will be out I want to do a marathon”. An unmeasurable result. Wanting to run a marathon is a dream.

17:20 distinction between a dream and a goal. About expectations, achievements, failures.

20:15 the lesson of the marathon

21:35 stopping running the marathon at the 35th

23:25 what is the best I would do when I feel so many good energies? Running…

23:40 song: All over the world, E.L.O.

28:30 being wise about dreams. Taking care of ourselves and our dreams

31:00 about self-identity. “It’s not you to have a dream”

32:05 we have to find a way to learn how to fail well, how to accept to fail.

32:40 an unexpected deep conversation

33:05 Runningstories show trailer