Runningstories #2

Runningstories #2

HMP Grampian Prison, 01 March 2023

Being a runner being a parent

Richard Skinner, prison officer at the Media Unit of HMP YOI Grampian prison, talks about becoming a runner to run with his daughter. In the conversation we become interested in understanding if there is a relationship between being a father and being a runner.


Conversation: Paolo Maccagno with Richard Skinner (Media Unit HMP YOI Grampian)
Music: Nao – Happy, Bruce Springsteen  – Waitin’on a Sunny Day

Broadcast on Conair 21 – prison radio



0:00 Runningstories show trailer

1:45 welcome to Richard Skinner – prison officer at HMP Grampian

4:20 about running with Richard’s daughter

5:45 is there a relation between becoming a runner and becoming a parent?

7:55 about responsibility and duty about children/running. But is this not more a desire?

9:15 running is a way of opening a conversation with others

10:45 the assumption that running means going fast

11:40 children express happiness through running

12:20 what is the song you have in mind Richard when you run?

13:45 song: Happy – Nao

17:00 what is the song about

18:00 running is doing something for others, expressing and sharing happiness

19:30 the runner’s high. Difference between shorter and longer distances. Moving beyond the destination and the goal of the finish line.

22:35 introduction for a song of Bruce Springsteen

23:00 song: Waitin’on a Sunny Day – Bruce Springsteen