Runningstories #1

Runningstories #1

HMP Grampian Prison, 22 February 2023

The dream of marathon running

In this conversation with Richard Skinner, prison officer at the Media Unit of HMP YOI Grampian prison, we discuss the running club started in the prison in February 2023. Richard is curious to know about marathon running and its mindset. Running marathons seems to imply the dream of running forever.


Conversation – Paolo Maccagno with Richard Skinner (Media Unit HMP YOI Grampian)
Music – Elisa, L'anima vola and Eddie Vedder, Guaranteed (Into the wild)

Broadcast on Conair 21 – prison radio





0:00 Runningstories show trailer

2:30 what is the running club at HMP prison? Thanks to Eilidh Smith (Head of Offender Outcoomes at HMP). How the running club works in prison.

4:30 who can participate? Do you dream to run? Do you like to feel the air on your skin?

6:40 the running club is not a course or a block of classes. It is a community. People becoming mentors for others.

8:40 mindset about running. About marathon running and its mindset: runforever. What is runforever? Ask yourself the question. Passing through the wall needs to be running forever.

11:20 how can you run for so long? The importance of recognising the musical dimension of running. The radio show is a way for giving voice to runners and their stories. The radio show will be called Runningstories and it will start always with the question about which is the song that you like in relation to running?

14:00 if running a marathon is a dream, how can you talk about that dream? Maybe with music…

14:50 song: L’anima vola – Elisa

20:00 why that song? A memory about the Milano marathon and the project in the Milan prison.

22:50 The first 10k inside the prison with speakers playing loud Elisa.

24:20 the particular rhythm of this particular song might resonates with a personal rhythm in running.

25:50 what to expect in the Runningstories radio show? Stories beyond techniques of running to dive into the existential. Stories from runners can be very powerful for everyone.

28:20 Runningstories is a way to dream together. It’s not about saying the truth but for dreaming together.

 29:55 song: Guaranteed – Eddie Vedder