September 2023

Photovoice in collaboration with Stephanie Morrison (IFF and RGU – Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen)

Photovoice storyboard at the Media Unit – HMP Grampian


Runforever started a collaboration with Stephanie Morrison offering the photovoice method (previously used in Aberdeen prison 2015) for capturing runners’ experience of the running club through photos and words. Runners were asked to take photos during the running sessions at Grampian and then reflect and comment on the ones that they found meaningful. Some wrote short texts or short poems in the form of haikus. The process triggered initial conversations among runners and offered insights about health and wellbeing.

Photos and narratives have been Exhibited on a story board on the September 27th event at HMP-Grampian for the festival “Towards a sustainable healthy prison”.

The photovoice has been a very positive experience for showing the importance of other ways of valuing the process beyond data gathering. Together with the radio show – Runningstories, this is a way of highlighting warm data (Nora Bateson). The project resists conventional forms of evaluation and instead aims at co-creating new forms of value from the inside.


Photovoice continues in the next months!


The blue infinite
Hands fingering to the sky
Keep surrendering


One guy more guys run
Walls disclosing in the sky
Who is leading who?


Start line finish line
Are you not tired of this cage?
Dancing on the edge